The ENNUI Atelier collection is cast from high quality materials that have carefully been selected to fit each item's character and functionality.

For our fine jewelry products we mix 18, 14 and 9 karat gold, depending on the size and construction of the piece. For example, most of the pieces with screw-on mechanisms are made in gold plated solid 14 karat gold as its slightly more endurable, and most of our hoops are made in gold plated 14 karat solid gold. 

All of our diamonds are sourced from conflict-free areas and from high standard mills. We use S1 clarity white diamonds mixed with champagne coloured and black diamonds and occasionally coloured sapphires.

The pearls that we use are AA+ to AAA quality Akoya pearls with silver overtone sourced from Japan.

For our silver collection we use Sterling Silver. Sterling serves as the highest standard of silver as it produces the highest percentage silver alloy which ensures that it's not too soft to be used for jewelry. This is identified by the 925 hallmark stamp which confirms that the alloy is 92.5% silver that you can find in all the ENNUI Atelier silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver is used at ENNUI Atelier when we make vermeil jewelry. It's regularly plated with a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold. This thick and durable layer is five times thicker than the minimum for gold plated jewelry.

At ENNUI Atelier we use a minimum of 3 micron gold plating however a significant part of our jewelry has up to 5 micron gold plating that ensures longevity and high quality condition. In addition to this our silver coloured jewelry uses an anti-tarnish solution called rhodium which enables the silver looking a little less white along with more pristine for a longer period of time.