At ENNUI Atelier, we encourage the questions.

How are your piercings done? How long do they take to heal? How many different piercing placements are there? Will I become obsessed with piercings after my first one? …...Maybe.

When it comes to piercing the body, curiosity is your best companion. There is no question not worth asking & better yet, we have answers! Let’s get down to the details:


How does the process work at the Ennui piercing studio?  

At Ennui you get the chance to pick your luxury jewelry, curate your look, and then meet with our piercer to get your new piercing! The price for our jewelry is separate from the price of your piercing session. Each session price differs on the type of piercing you get. Curate your experience into one luxury package!


Can I get more than one piercing in one appointment?

Yes you can! You can book up to three ear piercings in one appointment. The more the merrier to add to your curation!


 What hygiene practices do you use?

Our studio undergoes full sterilization & our piercer uses nitrile gloves.  


Do you pierce with piercing guns?

Our piercer uses single-use needles. We do not use piercing guns at our studio.


How much will the piercing cost?

Piercing costs vary depending on the location of the piercing. See our “book piercing” page for the list of piercing prices.


How long do the piercings take?

Although it depends on the individual experience, each session is timed out for 30 minutes.


How long does the piercing take to heal?

Healing time for piercings depends on the location as well as the individual body. Everybody is different and therefore healing time varies. However, it is common for the Earlobe to take 2-3 months, the Upper Lobe to take 3-8 months, and Cartilage take 6-12 months.


How do I care for my piercing?

Always wash your hands thoroughly and properly before handling your piercing. Next, rinse your piercing and the skin around it with warm water. When the piercing is clean, spray the front and back of the pierced area with the provided saline solution and move the piercing gently back and forth. Check for any remaining discharge. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if so. When finished, dab the piercing gently with a clean, soft cloth!