Before doing anything, wash your hands properly.

Rinse your piercing and the skin around it in tepid water.

With the piercing clean, spray the front and back of the pierced area with the provided saline solution and move the piercing gently back and forth.

Check for any remaining discharge. Repeat step 2 and 3 if so.

Pat gently with a clean, soft cloth.


The healing process is individual, depending on age, genetics, general health, and lifestyle.

These are the standard healing phases.

Earlobe: 2-3 months

Upper lobe: 3-8 months

Cartilage: 6-12 months



It is normal to expect a degree of soreness, redness, swelling and heat sensation in the pierced area.

You may also experience bruising and scabs which is perfectly normal.

These will subside within the first few days or weeks, depending on the individual healing process.



It is not normal to experience additional pain, redness or swelling that spreads beyond the pierced area. This could be a sign of inflammation and you should contact ENNUI Atelier for advice.

If you become feverish, experience intense pain, substantial swelling or redness that spreads: seek medical attention.



Always wash your hands before touching your piercing.

Clean your piercing twice a day, morning and evening, with the provided saline solution spray.

Check the jewelry regularly to ensure it is correctly fastened to enable the healing process.

After showering, let your piercing and the surrounding area air dry.

Always clean your piercing after exercise or contact with pool or sea water.

Keep items that come into contact with your piercing, such as your pillowcase, phone and earphones clean.



Touching your piercing and the surrounding area with unwashed hands.

Using cleaning products other than those recommended.

Turning and twisting the jewelry excessively.

Rubbing and applying pressure to the pierced area.

Applying make-up, perfume or lotions directly on or around your new piercing.

Removing jewelry from the piercing during the healing process.

Chaining your piercing during the healing process.

Swimming in sea, lake or pool water for the first four weeks.

Try to avoid sleeping on your piercing.



Jewelry is best kept in a dry and safe place, like a closet or a drawer. In order to maintain the finish and quality, gently wipe your jewelry clean with a soft cloth after use.



Maintain and clean the surface of the jewelry regularly and check movable components such as lock pins and clasps for firmness. Submit for service if need be.



ENNUI Atelier’s jewelry is constructed to be robust and stand the test of time, but occasionally a break can occur. If the break is the result of a production fault, bring the item back to the place of purchase along with a receipt.

If the break is due to wear and tear, bring it to your nearest local jeweler for repair.

Lost jewelry cannot be replaced by ENNUI.


For any questions, contact