Piercings & prices

At ENNUI you get the chance to pick your luxury jewelry, curate your look, and then meet with our piercer to get your new piercing! The price for our jewelry is separate from the price of your piercing session. Each session price differs on the type of piercing you get. Curate your experience into one luxury package! 

You can book up to three ear piercings in one appointment. The more the merrier to add to your curation! Although it depends on the individual experience, each session is timed out for 30 minutes.

Our pieces & piercings go hand-in-hand. Each piercing placement is different & so are the prices! 

Conch - 795 SEK
Daith - 795 SEK
Earlobe - 495 SEK
Helix - 595 SEK
Forward helix - 695 SEK
Nostril - 695 SEK
Septum - 695 SEK
Tragus - 795 SEK

Ear with piercing positions