Diamonds straight to your ear - Introducing our Piercing Jewelry

We know the fastest way to get diamonds - Straight to your ear. What's unique about ENNUI Atelier is that our collection contains an entire range of piercing jewelry! But not just any piercing jewelry–fine, luxury pierces that have you rethinking the way you’ve gotten piercings in the past. We’re giving you diamonds from the moment you get pierced. It’s time to skip plastic studs and long months of waiting to upgrade your earrings after healing. We have a safe way to keep you in diamonds, the whole way through.

Fun (and important) facts! Our Stockholm studio uses the single needle technique (no piercing guns) for extra safety. We undergo full sterilization and we use nitrile gloves. Our goal is to always keep it easy and oh-so luxurious!

Now onto the good stuff… say hello to our piercing jewelry below. A range of carefully crafted earrings available for your piercing pleasure.


10mm Hoop White Diamonds  








When you think of fine jewelry, you think diamonds. And trust us, pavé is most definitely the way! Our white diamond encrusted 10mm Hoop is the earring of our dreams. Our reversible earring is perfect for shifting from morning moods to late night grooves. This is one of our most popular piercing pieces in our Stockholm studio. Available in Yellow/White gold, Rose/White gold, Rose Gold

10mm Hoop Black/White Diamonds









Ever been pierced with black diamond jewelry? Well now’s the time to shine. Our 10mm 14-Karat gold hoop gives you the best of both shades by lining 24 black and white diamonds. If you change your vibe, switch up the side and you’ll have a whole new look ready to go. Available in Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold

10mm Hoop Rainbow Sapphires









If you’re craving color– we’ve got just the jewelry for you. Our 10mm Rainbow Sapphire Hoop is reversible, giving you a world of contrast. This earring alternates between half white and half rainbow pavé-set sapphires to add a little extra pigment to your fine jewelry curation. Available in Cool and Warm.

14mm Hoop White Diamonds









The more diamonds, the merrier. Upgrade your earring style with the 14mm Hoop! If you love our 10mm Hoop with white diamonds then you need this piece in your collection. Get pierced with multiple hoop sizes and level up your earring curation. Available in Yellow /White gold, Rose/White Gold

14mm Hoop Black/White Diamonds








Our 14mm Hoop combines diamonds like night and day!
This earring is a slightly larger edition of the 10mm Hoop with black and white diamonds. Pierce with this earring to mix & match your jewelry sizes. Now you can elevate your ear canvas one step further. Available in Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold

14mm Hoops Rainbow Sapphires  









Bring the color into your earring curation! This 14mm hoop is ready to liven up your look. It’s a slightly larger edition of our 10mm Rainbow Hoop, and it’s just as loved. Adorned with rainbow sapphires in either a warm or cool tone. Pick this piece of piercing jewelry and let your world of color begin. Available in Cool and Warm.



Gemini Hoop 








Sometimes stone-less is more! If you’re in the mood for a piece of fine jewelry, but you don’t feel like wearing diamonds– we’ve got just the look. Our 10mm Gemini Hoop is sleek, single and redefines the word simple. Composed of half yellow, half white 14-Karat gold. Pierce with this earring and get ready to curate your heart out.

Honey I’m Home Labret 









A piece of piercing jewelry that sings “Honey I’m Home!” - every time you wear it. This beautiful labret praises gems with a honeycomb design. The earring is available in both 14-Karat yellow or white gold. It also comes in a range of different gemstones such as white and black diamonds, blue sapphire and tsavorite!



Button Labret









Looking for a new piece of jewelry that fits right into your curation? The button labret is fit for any season. It's set with a shimmering gem in 14-Karat yellow or white gold. This special piece of jewelry is available with either a white diamond or pink sapphire (for those who love a little color!).

Square Labret 








We’ve created a look that’s fair (and square). This timeless piece of fine jewelry is a beloved earring in our collection– and we know why. Featuring a white square diamond placed in 14-Karat yellow or white gold. Now you can add a new earring shape to your jewelry collection with the Square Labret.



Single Stone Labret 









Start with a single, then add more to mingle! The single stone labret is a piece of jewelry that’s great for building your ear canvas. Once you start curating, you won’t be able to stop. Set with a single gem in sleek 14-Karat white or yellow gold. Choose this earring with either a black or white diamond, blue topaz, tsavorite or pink sapphire for an extra colorful addition.

Ivory Labret 









This earring will bring a delicate sparkle to any ear. Our Ivory Labret is a shimmering, timeless piece of Swedish jewelry. It's a great earring for children or first timers looking for the perfect piercing jewelry. Each labret features a small, glistening diamond set in 14-Karat white or yellow gold.



Full Moon Labret








This earring will have you feeling over the moon.The Full Moon Labret is available in both 14-Karat white gold or yellow gold. It's a beloved fine jewelry addition to your next curation. Mix and match this lovely piece with other stones and styles to upgrade your ear canvas.

Ebony Labret 









A piece of jewelry designed for morning, noon and night! Our Ebony Labret is adorned with a black diamond placement. It’s available in both 14-Karat yellow or white gold. Elevate your look with one bold piece. Get pierced with a diamond as dark as midnight.



Dog with a Bone Labret 









We've got a bone to pick– for you. Our Dog with a Bone Labret links two gems across a 14-Karat gold earring. This piece of fine jewelry can be layered and stacked to curate your own special canvas. It’s available in three different gemstones: tsavorite, blue sapphire or white diamond!

Hip to be Square Labret 









Hear us out: it's hip to be square. This iconic piece of jewelry is the perfect size square to build and layer your earscape. Available in 14-Karat white or yellow gold, it will quickly become your go-to earring. Start off your jewelry curation the right way and pierce with this piece in our Stockholm studio– cause like we said, it's hip to be square.



Long Island Labret 









No diamond’s an island– except maybe our Long Island Labret! Accessorizing is something we know and love, and we’ve put all of our heart into this earring. Adorned with five beautifully lined gems, this piece represents all things we love about fine jewelry. Pick from blue or pink sapphires, white or black diamonds or tsavorite for your next piercing.

Baby Blue Labret 









Blue Topaz jewelry reminds us of the water, the wind and the sky. Prized as a symbol of peace and affection, this topaz earring is the perfect light blue earring. It’s a great option for children or first-timers looking to add color into their next piercing. This earring is available in both shimmering white gold or soft yellow gold.



Rectangular Labret 









Why not make the Rectangular Labret your next go-to? This classic earring is designed to praise the gems. It’s a timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear home with you the moment you get pierced. Check out this earring with either a dark blue sapphire, black or white diamond or baby blue topaz.

Pink Panther Labret 










On any day, we wear pink. This glorious earring is quick to soften every heart– adding an extra sweet tone to your jewelry curation. Available in both 14-Karat yellow or white gold, pierce with the Pink Panther Labret and commit to color right from the start.



Senorita Labret 









It’s all in the diamond details! The Senorita Labret is a piece of jewelry that you can never go wrong with. Crafted with four white diamonds lined in a thin case of 14-Karat gold. Shake things up the Senorita way with this frosted earring and make it your next piece of piercing jewelry. Available in yellow or white gold.


Halo Labret









This angelic earring is ready to bless your accessorizing. Our Halo Labret is crafted out of 14-Karat gold– available in yellow or white gold. Adorned with a centered ring of glistening white diamonds. The Halo Labret earring is sweet, saintly, and so ready for curation.



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