Here at ENNUI we believe that every individual company who is in some way responsible for the manufacture of a piece of jewellery, from the miener, to the supply chain, to the jewelry designer, is responsible to ensure CSR. Our core values are therefore honesty, trustworthiness and cooperation.

At ENNUI Atelier we believe that corporate social responsibility and our endeavor to offer high quality jewellery go hand in hand. We do not only believe in strong financial results but also balancing economic growth with social and environmental responsibility and CSR ensures we grow in a responsible way.


Responsible supply chain

At ENNUI we work closely with our suppliers on initiatives such as human rights, labour conditions and health, safety and environmental protections.


Ethics and compliance

Our approach to have a strong moral ground is to be committed to ethical business conduct and compliance with Swedish and EU applicable laws and regulations. We also believe that our growth should not come at the expense of the environment so we strive to operate in a what that is mindful of long term environmental sustainability.


Business Ethics

We are committed to ensuring integrity, transparency and conformance with Swedish and EU law. We do not engage in Bribery and/or corruption. We do not tolerate money laundering and/or financing terrorism. In addition we take reasonable measures to ensure the physical integrity and the security of product shipments. Lastly we respect commercial confidentiality and data privacy.