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Together with Vogue Scandinavia we at ENNUI Atelier want to raise awareness for a special charity - the invaluable work of Talita.

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  • Together with Vogue Scandinavia we at ENNUI Atelier want to raise awareness for a special charity - the invaluable work of Talita.

  • Grief is a feeling that moves with you – even when moving on. We carry it into new phases of our lives whether we know it or not. At times it can feel like a burden, other times, just a memory. At ENNUI Atelier we asked: what if we took grief and honoured it, made it a talisman to hold close – one to help remember what we’ve overcome? What would it look like to wear our grief? And how would it feel to move the stone in our heart and cary it as a pieces of support around our neck? 

    Introducing: The Stone. Casted from silver and handcrafted for its unique shape, The Stone's edges have become smooth, supple and worn-down, symbolising how grief softens over time. We’ve taken a once rough object and turned it into a delicate piece that feels effortless against the wearer’s skin – a resilient stone with a soft exterior. 

    The limited-edition necklace ”The Stone” is created in collaboration with Vogue Scandinavia, to benefit Talita and 30% of sales is donated directly to Talita. When you purchase this limited edition necklace you will also receive six months of free access to the Vogue Scandinavia Society, value $60. This collaboration embodies Vogue Scandinavia's commitment to using fashion and media platforms as a force for positive change. Buy The Stone and support Talita.

    "We are delighted and grateful for the collaboration Talita has with ENNUI Atelier and Vogue Scandinavia. It is initiatives like this that enable Talita to help women and children out of prostitution and into a functioning life. The fact that it is a special piece of jewellery that is beautiful and communicates hope makes us truly proud" Josephine Appelqvist and Anna Sander, founders at Talita.

  • For over two decades, the Swedish non-profit organisation Talita has been doing invaluable work in providing women and children with a way out of prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking for sexual purposes. 

    "We deeply admire the impactful work carried out by Talita, and we feel honoured and grateful to together with Vogue Scandinavia contribute to their mission through our designs. In doing so, we aim to showcase the fashion industry's power to enact positive social change and stand in solidarity with vital causes” Sophie Antonsson, founder of ENNUI Atelier.

    While grief is a feeling that can linger long with us, it softens and evolves as we grow and change. At ENNUI Atelier, we wondered: what if we embraced grief, turning it into a symbol to cherish – a token to help remember what we've overcome? What would an accessory reflecting our resilience look like. Buy The Stone and support Talita.

    About Talita – A non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing women and children from human trafficking and providing them with the support and resources needed to rebuild their lives. 

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