Earring-ology with ENNUI Atelier

Earring-ology with ENNUI Atelier

Let’s get down to the basics! With every new & old term floating around the accessory world, it's easy for things to get lost in translation.

Our go-to guide for ear curation is here to make your life a teeny bit easier.

The hoop

The classic & beloved hoop. This popular earring style is ready for multiple piercing placements and multiple styles! Pick your hoop and let it start you off to the world of earring curation. Let’s get stacking!

The huggie

But how could an earring have this cute of a name? It’s true! The huggie does exactly what you guessed & hugs the ear comfortably for maximum versatility. This sister style to the hoop is one of our favorites to curate with. 

The stud

Hey, Stud. Are you ready to curate your ear? The stud is a perfect way to add multiple earring styles to your look. Mix things up and get wild - combine the sleek look of the stud next to a huggie or a hoop.

The labret

Our lovely labrets are similar to the stylish stud! What's unique about the labret is it’s flat backing, which is attached to the end of each bar & accessory. In our piercing studio we pierce with labrets to allow for the best possible healing experience!

The pin 

Put a pin in it! The pin is a special style that is oh-so close to our hearts. Named after it’s slender composition, the pin is placed through the ear by a thin bar design - making it another edgy way to add to your earring curation.

The cuff

The iconic no-piercing earring! The cuff is a fun and unique way to curate your ear canvas with more than just pierced jewelry. Made to sit comfortably around the ear, switch the cuff to either side and fulfill your heart’s daily desires.

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