What makes it a cocktail ring and why do I need one?

What makes it a cocktail ring and why do I need one?

It's all about the glorious cocktail ring! A cocktail ring is typically a larger, more pronounced ring that's worn on the middle finger or fourth finger of the right hand. Dating back to the 1920s its bold design makes it known for making a statement. Having this piece adds an extra flare to your accessorizing, from dinner parties to cocktail hour you can feel confident in your curation.


Set ring
A ring with monochrome magic. The Set Ring is a new addition to our collection that is a black and white detailed piece, inspired by our infamous Eve Ring. The Set Ring is embellished with half mother of pearl and half black onyx to give it an extra edge in your curation. These two tones are set in 925 silver, plated in warm vermeil gold. Don’t miss out on adding this original, modern ring to your next look



Osiris ring
The Osiris Ring is the newest, glorious member of the Falcate ring family. In the shape of the lover’s knot, this beautiful, monochromatic detailed design is adorned with one white and one black ball on top. Cast in vermeil gold, this ring captures a perfect contrast in one sleek, contemporary style. Wear this ring anywhere and anytime for a feeling of added luxury.




Mow Ring

The unique shape is crafted out of a saintly silver that's designed to give you a double detail. As part of our Mow family, the Mow Ring can be worn as its own statement piece or curated along with the Mow Cuff to emphasize this special style.


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