White gold
The illustrious white gold is one of our favorite materials we use at ENNUI Atelier. White gold consists of a mixture of pure gold with white metals to develop the most desirable color and tone! Piercing with white gold, instead of silver, allows for a better healing process to take place. Known for its durability and strength, white gold is crafted from silvery-colored alloys that give this form of pure gold an authentically white color. Our gold is 14-karat which makes sure it is a durable, high level of gold for us to craft our long-standing pieces with. Using higher karats such as 14-karat gold ensures the timelessness of our jewelry.

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Yellow gold

The infamous yellow gold is made of the purest of pure gold, combined with alloy metals such as copper and zinc to get its beloved tone and color. Yellow gold is an original, traditional color when we think of gold jewelry today. It specifically is known for being hypoallergenic and extremely strong when developing and crafting jewelry from it. The luminous yellow tone of this gold is something that no one can deny, it is often regarded as the most recognized gold of all golds. We make sure to use 14-karats when designing our gold jewelry, which gives it superior strength for classic and everlasting pieces. The higher the karat, the stronger the gold.


Rose gold

Rose gold is the rosey pink tone we know and love. Rose gold is developed into a luxurious pink metal that coexists beautifully with both yellow and white gold. Just like the other gold tones, rose gold is extremely strong and durable. It carries the complexity of being resistant to damage and scratching while also showing a more romantic and plush color. The rose gold that we use at ENNUI Atelier is also 14-karat, allowing us to design jewelry that is made to last a long time. It's hypoallergenic, which makes it even more versatile. This more unique shade of gold always adds a special touch when curating your gold collection.



Rhodium is a beautiful metal that shouldn’t be missed! This metal is a vibrant silver color that allows the jewelry it is added to, to absolutely come to life. When something is “rhodium-plated” it means that jewelry made from a base metal such as gold or silver, is then coated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium is the added touch for a beautiful and unmatchable strength and shine. This metal is known as the whitest of all metals used for jewelry and it is even rarer than gold and platinum. Rhodium comes from the platinum family of metals but it's set apart by its notorious sleekness. In our collection we plate our silver jewelry with Rhodium to bring it to that next level of beauty and strength.



Gold vermeil is the superior sister to gold-plated jewelry. Vermeil is used for high-quality gold plating. When something is “gold vermeil plated” it means the jewelry is made from sterling silver and must be plated with at least 10-karat gold! It is always coated with a thick layer of gold to enhance its glow, give it higher quality, and longevity. With a tradition originating in France, the use of vermeil has been developed using precious metals and is also super hypoallergenic. Applying an authentic layer of vermeil to our silver jewelry gives an extra, luxurious look and feel.

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