Get to know our gemstones! Our collection of beautiful accessories at ENNUI Atelier is gem-obsessed & creating

with stones in every way we can. Here is a little go-to guide on the gems we know & love!

The tried and true diamond is a timeless gem & one of our most popular to work with. Constructed of carbon and loved for its clarity and shine, we source our diamond’s from conflict-free zones. Using more than one shade, our collection includes diamonds of pure white, bold black & even a beloved brown.

The exclusive tsavorite gem is one of the greatest greens we’ve ever seen. Cut from the garnet group of stones, the green shade of garnet is an extremely rare gem. Often compared to emeralds, the garnet is even more durable & even more unique.

The colorful gem of our dreams, Sapphire, is composed of the mineral corundum - a combination of oxygen & aluminum. Sapphires come in many different colors & we’ve chosen to design our pieces with this special rainbow effect. Ranging from cool to warm tones, Sapphire stones are perfect for adding a touch of color to your curation.

Our adored topaz carries a beautiful blue hue. With tones of blue running through this stone, the topaz is a hard gem not to fall in love with. Traditionally there are many shades of topaz but we’ve selected the dreamy blue to bring hints of the ocean and sky.

The classic pearl is one of history’s most loved gems. Pearls are traditionally found within mollusks and then uncovered to reveal this beautiful gem. Typically coming in a beautiful shade of natural white - the pearl is often referred to as a symbol of hidden knowledge.

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