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Näspiercing är en piercing som placeras på näsvingen, antingen på höger eller vänster sida. Vidare kan man även göra en septumpiercing, denna är belägen mitt i näsan genom den inre näsväggen. Vanligtvis piercar vi näsloben med en stav/labret - och septum med en ring/hoop som smycke.

At Ennui Atelier we want to simplify this glorious process - the process of piercing curation - and focus on honesty, safety & transparency. As a brand we focus on sustainable sourcing & local piercing. Piercing is an art form & we want to create with you!

A safe and curated piercing experience shouldn’t just be a ‘treat yourself moment’ it’s a ‘love yourself moment’! Why shouldn’t high quality jewelry deserve safe & high quality piercing? The love & care we apply to our jewelry gets equally applied to our piercing process.

Our studio practices single needle piercing (put away those guns!), we undergo full sterilization & use nitrile gloves. Our pieces & piercings go hand-in-hand. Let it all be luxurious.


The piercing positions can be intimidating - but don’t you worry! With so many options we’ve refined a way to draw it out for you. We’ll have you preaching piercings in no time.

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