At ENNUI Atelier, it's a curated affair. 

Design your earscape with ENNUI from purchase to piercing. 

 Hand-pick your favorite styles from huggies to hoops then join us in the studio to compose your new look.  

At ENNUI we pierce with only our pieces, adorning your ear with our own contemporary designs.   

Purchases of our jewelry and booked time in our piercing studio at Nordiska Kompaniet, are costed out separately. 

Our private studio follows all safety and hygiene measures including full sterilization and nitrile gloves.  

Make your new piercing memorable with ENNUI Atelier and skip the plastic studs. 


With a passion for attention and composition, ENNUI Atelier delivers a rare piercing experience involving one-to-one service, jewelry showcasing and personalized styling.


Every ear is unique and delicate, defining your ideal option.

ENNUI Atelier’s commitment is to find it.


Hand-pick your favorite jewelry from a selection of 14 karat and 18 karat golden hoops and studs. Delightfully buss down or exquisite Plain Jane.


The piercing is done in a separate room for general safety and hygiene. Absolute sterilization, nitrile gloves and maximum care is taken.


No lifeless plastic stud necessary during the healing process.

You leave the studio with something perfectly placed.


That something is bought separately, starting at 1900 sek, and we don’t pierce with any other jewelry than our own.


If you need more than two piercings done, drop us a line in the comment section of the booking site.


Yours truly,

ENNUI Atelier