Collection: ENNUI Atelier x DEPART.A.MENTAL

ENNUI Atelier is now available at DEPART.A.MENTAL! in Mall of Scandinavia. Consumers can shop the jewelry carried on site and book an appointment for piercing on selected dates.

What's unique about ENNUI Atelier is that our collection contains an entire range of piercing jewelry! But not just any piercing jewelry–fine, luxury pieces that have you rethinking the way you’ve gotten piercings in the past. We’re giving you diamonds from the moment you get pierced.

It’s time to skip plastic studs and long months of waiting to upgrade your earrings after healing. We have a safe way to keep you in diamonds, the whole way through.

Fun (and important) facts! We use the single needle technique (no piercing guns) for extra safety. We undergo full sterilisation and we use nitrile gloves. Our goal is to always keep it easy and oh-so luxurious!

Now onto the good stuff, say hello to our piercing jewelry in LOVEiT!, Mall of Scandinavia: a range of carefully crafted earrings available for your piercing pleasure.

The multi-brand store DEPART.A.MENTAL is located on the first floor in the Designers Gallery shopping area.